“The body” A three star hotel
A star for nature
A star for architecture
A star for style

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1.Batak and Lake Batak road network

The tourist area “the Bottom” is linked to the international motorway “Trakia”. A national coach service also links Batak with Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Peshtera, Velingrad, Rakitovo. “The Bottom” on Lake Batak is km 140 away from Sofia, 65 km from Plovdiv, 35 km from Pazardzhik, 40 km from Velingrad and 15 km from Batak. In the nearby area you can also find the tourist centres “St. Constantine” and “Tsigov Chark”.

2.The Climate

The climate is characterized by mild Winters, cool Summers and terse skies in Spring and Autumn, as in these seasons all the fog gathers in the Old River valley leaving the lake in the sunshine.
The presence of rich natural resources like, for example, the many watercourses and the great variety of flora and fauna creates the ideal conditions for agro-montane tourism, angling, hunting and water and winter sports.


In the environs we can find the lakes: Big Beglik and Beglik and places of interest like Wide Meadow, Genera, Beglika, and Petrovo Hill, Batak peaks and White Snow Sjutka Peak, The Sharp Peak, Semerelan, the cave White Snow, the waterfall “Foten”, the ski slope St. Constantine. In the region of Batak there are about nine churches. On the lake model aircraft construction competitions and sailing regatta are also organized.


The Game in the area is composed of: deer, roe deer, wild boars, chamois, bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels...
The commonest birds are: wood grouse, pigeons, crows, partridge, thrush and near the lake: wild ducks and geese.


In the lake waters we can find all sorts of fresh water fish; in particular the perch, the European catfish, the carp and others. The traditional angling competition under the ice (ice angling) takes place every year .

6.“The body” A three star hotel

A star for nature
A star for architecture
A star for style

7.Hotel „the body“

This small, fascinating hotel, fully immersed in a beautiful centuries-old forest, is situated at only about one-hundred metres from lake Batak, on one of its most beautiful hill-sides. Its windows frame and reflect images of the lake within a volume of absolute whiteness which, in this way, acquires bondless dimensions.

“The Body”, inserted in this natural landscape with its well proportioned dimensions and forms, offers the guests a sojourn of complete relaxation in a familiar atmosphere.

The aim of the place is that of linking the body to nature and nature to the body and fusing them together in a “sojourn in perfect harmony with time.”